Fitting 33s on a YJ

Fitting 33s on a YJ may seem like a big task, but it does not need to be. Take my install here A few weeks previous, I installed a 2" body lift, so there are no pics of it going in. As you can see, 33s do just fit with the body lift, but the rub over every bump in the rear. With the installation of TJ flares, in my case 4" Sahara fronts and 6" Bestop rears, the 33s cleared no problem. It was actually only minor cutting to get them on. Trail testing it found that only under hard compression and turning, did the front touch a little bit. It self clearanced quickly, and I had no further rubbing issues from there on. With that set up, I ramped 936 on the 20 degree ramp in May 2004.