About The Herd Of Turtles

OK, now that you have stopped laughing at our name, please let us take a few moments to tell you a little about our club. As you may have guessed, the whole point of the name is to have fun and not take our past time or ourselves too seriously. Virtually all of our members and prospective members have email and belong to the club email list and message board. This enables us to organize and communicate in a very fun, yet efficient manner.

Although centered in Surrey, we have members from North Vancouver to Chilliwack. And most of our trucks are not nearly as modified as our turtle logo, but that is not from a lack of wanting. Our trail rides  have taken us to exotic locations in South Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, the South Chilcotins, and many destinations in between. Each month has at least one scheduled club event.

The Herd is also an active participant within the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC and the local community. Members of the Herd meet the third Monday at: Ricky's All Day Grill . We get going at about 7:30PM. Guests are welcome to come out and see what we are about. Further, we have been termed a host club, that is, we host a lot of trail rides or other things. As such, we require regular participation from our members.